Getting the Hog Ready: The life and times of doing a hog roast

Hog roast

So it’s 2am and here I am wrestling with a pig carcass. Not your average late night exercise and would probably raise a few eyebrows from any late night revellers returning home. After a splash of water and 3-4 heaped serving spoons of salt spread over the scored skin and rubbed in, followed by some extra Halen Môn salt flakes, it’s time to switch the roaster on and say goodnight to piggy. We have a booking for 150 people later on at 4pm, and we always cook our hogs on a low heat for at least 12 hours. Why so long? Cooking the hog for this length leads to the meat literally falling off the bone, and as we cook in a tray rather than a spit roast the meat is continually being self basted with its juices keeping the meat moist and succulent, but the crackling will be crunchy and light and salty.

Later that morning we collect our locally baked baps, made to our specification, from our local artisan baker Pumpkin Seed Bakery. Freshly baked that morning and loaded into the van, on we go to prepare the remaining dishes for the party later that day.

Today’s party have asked for coleslaw, minted new potatoes, roasted vegetable cous-cous, and a tomato and mozzarella salad. All the ingredients are bought locally where possible, and are prepared ready for later.

The van is loaded, today they have asked us to serve from our gazebo in the client’s garden, and last but not least on goes the hog, no mean feat of 65kg of meat and machinery.

We arrive at the party an hour before serving, and quickly set up in our allocated area, the birthday boy has his photo taken posing over the hog with our carving knife and fork, a big grin, and a quick taste test, we get the nod of approval.

Our team work quickly serving the guests with their freshly pulled pork and crackling with stuffing and apple sauce and a range of sauces to complement the meat, self serving the sides, a number of really hungry carnivores return for extras. Our service period of two hours finishes and any remaining meat is carved off and placed on platters for the guests to pick at during the evening, we quickly clear up, repack the van, say our goodbyes and leave. Another happy and amply fed party catered for.

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