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The Anglesey Food Group is a dedicated group of volunteers, all giving their time to help promote Anglesey’s food offering.

Our biggest priority is to do everything we can to promote Anglesey as a food destination, boosting the island’s reputation and encouraging lovers of good, honest food to explore and experience the produce the island has to offer.

We’d love to hear from any Anglesey food and drink businesses that share our vision and principles.

If you decide to join, you’ll be invited alongside all other Anglesey Food Group members to attend our meetings, where you’ll be able to contribute your ideas and experience and benefit from future marketing activities. These include membership of the Best of Anglesey website, and inclusion as a featured business in our marketing materials.

If you’d like to become a member and tell the world that your business offers the Best of Anglesey, please read our Code of Practice below and then click the ‘become a member’ button at the bottom of the page to email us and ask for a membership form.

Anglesey Food Group Code of Practice

Members of the Anglesey Food Group are expected to commit to the following whenever relevant and practical:

  1. Source primary produce from Anglesey and North Wales when available. This should include meat, fish and vegetables.
  2. Source secondary produce from Anglesey and North Wales when available. This could include produce such as cheese, ice cream and confectionery.
  3. Incorporate a “sense of place” when promoting local produce. This can include activities such as making reference to local producers on menus; including local imagery on packaging, or using the Welsh language on promotional material. Menus should reflect the local market and be authentic.
  4. Promote local produce whenever possible. This can include engaging with diners in a restaurant, customers in local produce shops or business partners.
  5. Work with growers, producers, shops and restaurants whenever possible to strengthen Anglesey as a food destination.
  6. Support and contribute to local campaigns that seek to promote Anglesey as a food destination. This can include social media campaigns, food awards and events.