About Best of Anglesey

Welcome to Best of Anglesey, a website run by and for the Anglesey Food Group which promotes the huge variety of food and drinks produced on the island.

We are a dedicated group of growers, producers, merchants and eateries, all committed to the following basic principles:

  • We believe in sourcing both primary and secondary produce from Anglesey and North Wales whenever possible
  • We are committed to incorporating a sense of place when promoting our offering, and we celebrate Anglesey on all occasions
  • We strive to strengthen the reputation of Anglesey as a food destination, and we support and contribute to other campaigns that also seek to do this.

Membership of the Anglesey Food Group means strength in numbers. We support each other, and the local economy, by coming together to explore opportunities to place (and keep) Anglesey firmly on the global foodies’ map.

Pooling our resources means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts: our individual contributions – whether financial or experiential, practical or creative – are melded together, and by meeting regularly to share our ideas and experiences, we’ve laid a solid foundation for growing Anglesey’s reputation as a first class food destination.

If you share our vision and have your own business on Anglesey in the food and drink industry, why not add your unique skills and experience to our growing list of members? It’s quick, easy and inexpensive to join, so if you’d like to give it a go please visit the ‘become a member’ page.