A Food Slam to Remember

Menai Bridge Food Slam

It was early July, and we were enjoying our family holiday in Anglesey. Myself, my husband and the two kids were staying just outside the charming little seaside town of Beaumaris. We’d had a rather relaxed day eating ice cream and attempting some crabbing. We had deliberately not eaten much as we were looking forward to the Food Slam in Menai Bridge that evening. 

We’d bought our tickets at Dylan’s after dining there the previous evening and tasting their famously good seafood, we knew that they would have a stall at the event and couldn’t wait to try some of their other specialities, among the several other wonderful and tasty new treats we were in for from various different stalls.

We made our way over to Menai Bridge in the early evening, and after having some trouble parking, walked towards the bustle and crowds near the water’s edge. It was a stunning evening, the sun was still up and everyone was making the most of it, there were groups of families and friends enjoying the local food, crafts and drink.

As it turned to dusk and the lights started flickering on, Banda Bacana- a local band began to play. Their music seemed to be a mix of Latin and Reggae and it complimented the atmosphere perfectly. Anyway, on to the most important bit and whole purpose of the evening…. Food!

There were several stalls set up overlooking the Menai Strait, all of them local to Anglesey. Our first stop was Hooton’s Homegrown who were selling home grown veg and home reared meat, everything from their stall was carefully handpicked, butchered and prepared on site, ensuring quality, freshness and a better flavour. We had a taste of some of their foods and were very impressed, I even got my young lad to agree he liked the vegetable soup, which was a feat after the trouble I’ve had getting any veg into him. I was very tempted to buy some of their stuff, especially the meats. However, having nowhere to store it until we went home would prove to be a problem, so we paid Hooton’s a visit the morning of our departure and filled the boot!

Our next stop was Anglesey Hog Roasts stall, and what a mighty hog roast they had on! We were all starving after saving ourselves all day. We each had a huge hog bap and enjoyed every last morsel.  We continued to wonder through the many pop-up stalls, passing by the Marram Grass and the Menai Tandoori which were both very enticing. The local pub- The Auckland had their “legendary lethal cocktails” which definitely lived up to their name (in fact I did end up a little tipsy).

There truly was something for everyone to enjoy, my husband took the kids on the rib ride along the Straits, I was feeling a little too fragile after my lethal concoction, so I took to sipping some local ale and listening to Dan Amor, a local musician playing that evening.

After a deliciously enjoyable evening, we took one last stroll along the water’s edge. By this time it was almost dark and the lights from the Menai Bridge were reflecting beautifully off the Straits. I thought to myself how lucky I was to experience the local culture in this fantastic little place as well as make some new North Walian friends. I will definitely be back to visit again!

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