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Discover tasty, fresh produce from the breadbasket of Wales

In the medieval period Anglesey was known as the ‘breadbasket of Wales’, thanks to its fertile lands.

Anglesey’s landscape may be a little different today, but it’s still a serious foodie destination.

Many of Wales’ top restaurants are situated on the island, and a good many of these source their ingredients locally, from sea salt to seafood and apple juice to craft cider.

And with produce this good right on their doorstep, why wouldn’t they?

It’s not all about eateries, of course; our members include producers, wholesalers, retailers and a growing network of businesses which participate in the local farmers’ markets and other food-showcasing events. Why not visit one and take a tasty piece of Anglesey home with you?

Whether you’re a first-time visitor, an old friend or a native of the island, we hope this website will help you find and experience the tastiest delights Anglesey has to offer.

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